I’m D.J. Switzer. And this is WSOTP Creative.

Forged in the competitive fires of the football pitch and refined across industry, WSOTP Creative is a freelance branding and marketing agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio. An offshoot of soccer website Wrong Side of the Pond, WSOTP Creative goes beyond the beautiful game to offer a wide array of creative services and marketing consultation to brands, organizations, and individuals looking to make an impression with a unique identity and targeted messaging.

To learn more about how WSOTP Creative can help your organization sculpt their identity and conversation, explore our service offerings, review our portfolio, or you can get in touch here.

Okay… but who is D.J. Switzer?

In short, I’m a soccer-obsessed designer and marketer. The longer story is… well, longer. My work experience spans a wide variety of marketing roles — from web designer, to email marketing strategist, to social media manager, to graphic designer — in a wide variety of industries, giving me a broad view of how a solid brand and marketing mix can fit together to help elevate an organization to new heights.