Let’s put on a show together.

Hosting an event is hard: developing and inviting a guest list, preparing the program, gathering refreshments… and the list goes on. Here at WSOTP Creative, we’re here to help lighten your load.

  • Promotion: Hoping to boost your attendee count or raise awareness about your event, watch party, or grand opening? Targeted advertising, influencer campaigns, and public relations are as familiar to us as the 4-4-2, and if we can get people to bars before 7 o’clock in the morning… we’re pretty sure we can come up with some creative solutions to get people in your doors, too. Learn more about how we can help you with digital marketing and social media promotion.
  • Branding: Need a custom logo for your event? Want eye-catching digital, social media, and printed collateral to get out your message? Need to plan for on-theme activities to keep your guests engaged? Let us give your event an identity and personality of its own. Learn more about our branding and graphic design services.
  • Hosting: With thousands of hours of podcast, radio, and television recording experience — we’re no strangers to the sounds of our own voice. Add in hosting credits for events with audiences numbering into the thousands, and we’re clearly not afraid to use our voices as an emcee or master of festivities in front of a crowd either.

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